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Website Designs

Next Generation Design

Create Powerful “Call to Action” Websites.

Turn Your Business Website into Fresh Engaging, Call to Action, SEO Optimized, Video Web Sites, Landing Pages – Sales Pages – Lead Pages and much more.·

All designed to convert prospects to buyers.

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Designing a quality website that gets your buyers attention to take action is only have half the battle.· Designing a website that sends the right message is just as important, how about SEO or Search engine optimized sites for Google or other search engines. If your website does not clearly send the right message it will not matter how great your graphics or design.

Website development has changed, getting traffic to your site has changed – marketing will never change.

· So what do you need to do to get your customers to find you on line?·

MikeB360 Marketing Solution 1. Create a marketing strategy to maximize your marketing budget. · 2: Create a marketing plan that converts. · 3: Create an SEO web design that customers find engaging to buy your products.· 4. MikeB360 Marketing provides the marketing services to get your business generating revenues.

A Web site without a marketing plan in today’s market is like a donut in the middle of the ocean,· Our professional team of SEO web design experts will work with you to design a Web site that includes an SEO web site design and marketing plan that drives traffic to your business. Don’t settle for anything less! Choose a company that offers marketing expertise and a creative website development team that can turn your company ideas into reality.

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We offer 3 types of Web Site categories with video to fit with in your budget.· We prefer to use video and motion graphics in our website designs, this creates a powerful call to action process and higher conversion when prospect or potential buyers visit your site.

Web Site Categories

1. Sales pages or opt in pages with video

2. Standard Website designs with video

3. Custom Web Site designs with video

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