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MikeB360 - Thursday, 24 February 2011 01:23

The Power of Website Video

Increases Opportunity by 60%

Ninety-Seven Percent of Web sites are Missing VIDEO “The Most Important Component for Online Success”

MikeB360 Marketing Studios creates video for websites, sales pages, landing pages thank you pages, motion graphics and more…

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If you are not using VIDEO your competition will be by 2012

  1. Video advertising generates twice the click-through rate of banner ads, however, it is estimated that only three-percent of Web sites feature effective videos.
  2. Website videos hold visitors longer than websites without video.  Average video viewing time 3.8 minutes
  3. 90% of websites have no video, see a competitive opportunity, ask google, they spent 1.6 billion on the next generation websites channels for TV…

Spend more of your marketing dollars on reaching your audiences. Our creative team of professionals develop award-winning documentaries, TV commercials, online advertising videos, website videos, viral marketing videos that are well within your marketing budget.  MikeB360 Marketing Studios delivers videos that capture your audience’s attention. Our talented team of filmmakers and animators create customized high quality video programs for any situation you may have.

MikeB360Video Marketing Generate Buzz for Your Brand, Product or Business with Viral Video Marketing.   It’s that easy

Consumers become a powerful marketing machine for your brand when they share information about your company that both entertain and inform them. Our experienced video professionals know just how to translate your message into impactful visual communications for online, mobile or TV screens.

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MikeB360 Marketing Studios provides video, pod casting, social book marketing, article distribution solutions, tracking, and online promotion of your winning video content to help your video catch fire and be seen by the world.

Using our proprietary system, we will make sure your video is syndicated to the appropriate online platforms, and track daily engagement with your video as it is promoted.  Our video production project offers a marketing campaign for global video syndication & distribution to your project seem by potentially millions of prospects, Ask us how!!!   Call for a quote.  1 949 371 6693 From small businesses to large international brands, MikeB360 Marketing Studios creates customized web video, online ads, trade show and educational videos, site tutorials.  Capture your audience’s attention for greatest results in video marketing.     We say let’s GET STARTED. or call 1 949.371.6693.