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How to Stop Spam from your Facebook email

MikeB360 - Tuesday, 10 January 2012 02:54

How to Stop Spam from your Facebook email. When chain e-mail hit your Facebook account the email notifications never stop with 80+ people in the conversion this simple fix will stop that chain e-mail. There is a program that auto generates emails in Facebook and it is causing us all headaches because it’s not a problem with the first email it’s the constant responses from the chain of contacts in the email. Most are just asking it to stop and don’t understand it’s just one 2 clicks away get out of the chain.

1. Click on Message on Facebook with 2 or more friends in the email

2. Click on Leave conversation

3. Confirm leaving conversation

If you have a repeat offender they may have a virus so give them a heads up but if they persist report spam and unfriend them on Facebook is best.

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