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5 Reasons you must have a Social Media Manager

MikeB360 - Wednesday, 15 December 2010 02:41

1) Social Media for your business needs a road map

A master plan for marketing with social media is the key to your success. How you are getting your message out to the public and what you’re saying is the most important. Social media is not a sales pitch-athon. You will lose more fan’s / followers by not adding value and having a social media manager that understands “pay it forward” is key, and will make your social media campaign successful.

2) Being consistent with you social media plan is imperative

Getting a consistent message out to your audience is the most important to keep your followers. Even if you’re a master at social media it’s keeping you from running your business and that will hurt your bottom line. Getting your message out to all of your sites least 5 days a week to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and multiple other sites will give you the web presence every business needs. Having a social media manager will keep your business consistent with all your social sites even on your busiest days.

3) Being Social is key

If you’re not a social person (friendly) this will emulate in your message to your customers, and that defeats the whole purpose of humanizing your business and not just looking for the next buck. Hiring a social media manager that has a love of technology, but super social also will be the voice you will need for a successful social media strategy.

4) Social Media is ever changing

Keeping up with the ever changing rules in social media is a full time job, keeping your accounts from being closed. Keeping up with even just Facebook is a full time job more less Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and much more. Having a social media manager that is working technology daily and has a network of likeminded individuals to exchange ideas will keep you head and shoulders above your competition.

5) Hiring teens

Yes teens are great moving around social media sites but will kill your overall strategy and message. Getting a child to portray your social media presence for your business is not going to give your audience the right feel for your service or product. You need a social media manager that will have the seasoned experience to handle any problem that arises from an upset customer to a virus attach on your social media account.

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