5 Top Mistakes Made in Social Media Promoting Your Business

MikeB360 - Wednesday, 6 July 2011 04:28

5 Top Mistakes Made in Social Media Promoting Your Business using social media.

1. Using a Facebook Profile Page instead of a Facebook Fan Page is a big mistake. Sometimes people use a Facebook Profile Page to promote a business. This is a big mistake because it limits you to 5000 friends. With a Facebook Fan Page, the number of fans you can have is unlimited. Also, the Facebook Profile Page doesn’t let you create a Customer Business Page. With a Facebook Fan Page, you can create a Facebook Customer Business Page that looks almost like a real website. Facebook fan pages create traffic to your website and get your message across for sales or education.

2.Not being consistent with your posting on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn can cause you to lose fans and followers. You should post message’s consistently at least once a week. But 3 times a week to once a day is optimum.  If you post for one month then nothing for 60 days you’re portraying that you have abandon your social media and you must be out of business.

3.Posting without value and becoming pitch fest. Every good salesman understands they need to create report before a sale, the same goes for social media posting, give value before promoting yourself or business. Example all pitch “Get your Chalkboard animation now at http://chalkboardanimation.com.”Example all value “Great Youtube on how to use your Facebook fan page with the newest futures http://budurl.com/2j26”Example value and pitch “Great reasons you should not hire a kid to do your social media http://budurl.com/u93r”So provide value and your audience and clients will stay interested and share your post or use your service.

4.Not using key words in you’re social media posting for your business. When posting in social media sites the post can be picked up my major search engines like Google so make sure you post with key words. So if your company made organic odor remover you would post with good key words. A. Good example of keywords “Great way to keep your dogs or cats smells eliminated with an organic green choice with http://www.odorjustice.com/.” B. Bad use of Key words “use our brand your pooch will be happy and not be stinky Inodorous http://www.odorjustice.com/.” So find your top key words in your business and use them posting in social media and # for twitter post.

Again, find the top keywords for your business and use them when you post to social media sites.

5.Biggest failure with promoting your business with social media is having no call to action. Filling in your social media profiles for your business  is simple enough but so many lack giving a website or phone number to call now or how to buy now.

Having a call to action examples:

Facebook “like this page”, “Share this page now”,

Twitter “follow me I always follow back”

Youtube “Give a thumbs up and Subscribe”

We all need reminders what to do next. So like and share this blog post by clicking the social share buttons below and look like a rock star. Or call to get your business social and increase your bottom line. 949-371-6693






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